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Everything you need to know about the rebuilding of LBI.

Parti with Nardi’s…and LBI is Alive!

Come by Nardi’s Tavern and Grille on March 8th from 6-9pm and ‘parti’ with LBI is Alive. We will have more apparel available for donations, a nardi logo50/50 raffle AND a raffle for an oceanfront Islamorada Vacation for November 2nd-9th 2013. We will be re-stocked with apparel for this event after our stock out at the BHFH on the 16th.  The raffle for an Islamorada Getaway is our newest addition to the LBI is Alive fundraising arsenal; the drawing will be held on June 15th at Thank You Fest: need not be present to win.  The oceanfront home is in a gated community with restaurants within walking distance. Check out the HomeAway link and these virtual tours (here and here) to see the house for yourself. This vacation raffle is a great deal at $25/ticket or 5 for $100 and all proceeds from the vacation raffle go towards helping those still in need on LBI. The 50/50 and apparel donations go towards LBI is Alive’s advertising and promotional budget to get the word out to North Jersey, Philly, and NYC through media outlets that the LBI community is Alive and Well and Can’t Wait to See You This Summer!

There will be a $20 cover charge to get in and ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA AND BEER. Let’s be honest, how could this be a bad deal? We are working on a wristband system so those under 21 can come and hang while being safe and legal.

Jimmy Ward will be there as well as some members from Jetty. This event will not only be a fundraiser, but a thank you to those who have helped LBI in its epic comeback.


  bob maclean wrote @

Can Jimmy host an LBI Is Alive Harlem Shake at Nardis? First people in swim wear, snorkels, wet suits, then everyone in LBI Is Alive T-shirts? Free u-tube attention.? just an idea?

  sls5517 wrote @

Bob, that is an awesome idea. However, to plan it in less than a week would probably not be feasible. I will talk to Jimmy about working on some kind of viral video campaign, though.

  Patricia Joswick wrote @

I’m so happy Nardi’s is up on its feet! Yay! My Sandy-soaked condo is almost totally renovated. It’s going to be a great summer on LBI!

  Anonymous wrote @

Any updates available why a complaint was actually filed with ABC Board

  sls5517 wrote @

Unfortunately, no. The ABC will not tell us anything besides “there was a complaint filed against the fundraiser”. However, we are telling people to still come out and support a local establishment and enjoy happy hour after all the time and effort we have put into the island post Sandy.

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