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One Year Later

This day last year was a test, not only of the strength of LBI, but the whole Jersey Shore and our northern neighbors. We passed the test. We are nothing, if not resilient as a community. Organizations were formed (LBIisAlive and many others!) to help each other out. We did not wait for outside help; we got down and did what needed to be done. We helped those we could, sometimes even before ourselves. If some organizations were slow to respond or adjust, we didn’t wait.

People say a lot of things about New Jersey, not always the nicest, but one thing most people did say, and will continue to say: we are tough, strong and we get done what has to be done.

judy lbiisalive cropped

We were, are, and always will be, Islanders. We will help each other when it is needed no matter what or where. Long Beach Island has come so far in this one year, imagine how far we can grow come next year. I love this island, and I know you do too since you are a fan of LBIisAlive. So let’s help it continue to move forward.

I could not imagine living anywhere else and I will not let a storm scare me from my home. Will you? Share this if you have, and always will be an LBIslander.


Also, now that it is colder out, think about picking up your LBIisAlive hoodies. We only have about 20 left! They are on sale for $25, that is below cost! Email me at for available sizes. This money will be donated as a secondary donation on top of our first.

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LBI is Alive Because of You- LBI Thank You Fest 2013

Today at 4pm kicks off LBI Thank You Fest.

If you missed my first post, this event is to thank those first responders, local and across the country, who helped Long Beach Island in the wake of Sandy. These people were away from their families for weeks if not months to keep us safe during and after Sandy. These people, had homes here that were damaged, but they put helping others above their own home and family. This is a celebration of LBI’s resurgence thanks to these brave men and women who were here on LBI.

Today, Friday June 14th, the party begins in Ship Bottom at the waterfront park on 10th street at the bay, right at the foot of the Causeway. At 4pm Roustabouts, After the Reign as well as Shorty Long & the Jersey Horns will be serenading us with 6 hours of live music. There will also be food, soft drinks and wine. For the kids, and those young at heart, there will be a bounce house, face painting, laser tag and fun on the bay, including paddle boarding, sand sculptures and windsurfing. There will also be members from ReClam the Bay, ALO and the townships with exhibits.

Saturday, June 15th, will be a day full of fun and events in Brant Beach at 68th Street in Bayview Park and the Long Beach Township Municipal Area. Food and drinks will be available all day as well. The fun begins at 10:45 with the Star Spangled Banner and Ted Hammock with Jason Booth. Celebrity Chef Amanda Freitag will be in attendance as well and you can see her at 1pm. Guy Smiley Band will be rocking at 1:15 and Nashville Star, Jimmy White will be signing CD’s at 1:30. From 2:15 until just before 6 will be non stop music from AJ Stone & The Karma Robbers, Facedown and Last Minute featuring Kim Travers. Then Sean Kingston will be on at 6pm. Katy Tiz will playing at 7:15, then the Nick Clemons Band will be closing the night of music before everyone heads up to the beach for a bonfire.

Sunday, June 16th, will be Sidewalk Sales galore in Beach Haven. There will be local vendors and a flea market with gifts and crafts. There will be live music and Elvis at 11:30. From noon to 3 will be a Fantasy Island Celebration. Also, don’t forget to stop by the Chegg from 12:30-1:30 to cheer on the Wing Eating Contestants. There will also be a BBQ at the Beach Haven Fire Dept on Amber Street.

thankyoufestbusWondering how to get around this weekend with all these great events going on? Don’t worry, there will be a bus running all Saturday and Sunday. All this information can also be found on and if you have purchases any LBI is Alive apparel, please wear it with pride this weekend. While at the Fest this weekend, please personally thank any first responders you see.

Thank you, to everyone, LBI is Alive because of YOU!

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

As you can see, the Memorial Day countdown is gone. It is now officially, the unofficial start of summer! We survived another off-season, like we always do, and now we are ready for you to come and make memories on LBI and reminisce on old ones. This may be a slightly different Memorial Day weekend, but not as different as you might have expected. I think it will be better. The camaraderie  built this winter will only get stronger as houses fill up and neighbors catch up. As Christie says, “We are stronger than the storm.” Not my favorite slogan, but maybe I am partial.

There are so many businesses open this weekend and it is fantastic to see LBI alive with visitors. If you are down here and see businesses open that I do not have listed, please email me at I try to add as many as I can, but I am sure I miss some.

I was unable to watch the Today Show on Friday, but I have the video clip of the tour of LBI from Jack Antonoff, band member of

The guy in the background is my fave part of the picture.

FUN., who has vacationed on LBI for two decades. For those of you who didn’t hear the rumors about Gov Christie coming to LBI on Saturday, he did indeed come by and chat with us locals. I even was able to finally get a picture with him, since at the town hall I just got a picture of him with the “LBI IS ALIVE” hoodie (which he promised to wear in the near future) and shook his hand. No real ‘news’ from him, I think he just wanted to stop by and show he has not forgotten about our boardwalk-less island. It was a great way to kick off the weekend. If you want to see more pictures or other videos check out this page.

I also do not want to skip over the actual meaning of Memorial Day. Thank you to those who have fought overseas and personally to those who have been on duty here. Without them, the rebuilding would have been much more difficult here on the Jersey Shore; and let’s not forget the Boston Marathon Bombings. Take a moment and observe Memorial Day for its real meaning; pick up some American flags or pin wheels and place them outside, dress in red, white and blue, thank a veteran when you see one. Anything to show them we are thankful and have not forgotten them on this weekend of summer celebrations and store sales. Don’t forget, we will also be thanking these local heroes at LBI Thank You Fest next month — hope to see you there!

The visitors may be our life blood down here on LBI, but without these servicemen and servicewomen, we would not have been able to do what we do this summer.

Thank you and Happy Memorial day,

~LBI is Alive

LBI Thank You Fest- Island Wide Alive

~~~Check out the updated post here~~~

LBI Thank You Fest has taken the place of previous years’ LBIFest. It was decided that this year’s “fest” should be a little more personal, a thank you to all those who helped LBI get back on its feet. LBI was not just assisted by the LBI United Emergency Services, but police all the way from Louisiana  as well as the NJ National Guard and many others. These people, as well as our local firefighters, medical personnel and police no doubt had damage to their homes and were separated from their family, but they continued working to make this island safe for us to come back and begin rebuilding.

Louisiana State Police drove all the way up here to help get our utilities back on safely. Members of the 150th Engineers and other New Jersey National Guard  units had access to heavy equipment to help move sand and debris. The 177th and 108th Fighter Wing of New Jersey Air National Guard helped with the search and rescue on LBI and the 328th Military Police Company patrolled the island to keep everyone safe. Our local authorities and first responders not only rescued people who stayed through the storm, but they went and found residents’ pets to bring them to their owners on the mainland. They were on this island before the National Guard or any other authorities, they never left. The LBI United Emergency Services worked side by side with the military and utility crews to get LBI back as quickly as possible once Sandy finally moved through.

They slept on floors (if they slept much at all) , had no hot water, minimal food and had to look at this destruction day in and day out. I sure am thankful for what they have done and I’m sure you all are too. Some of these local responders I went to school with, some were family friends, others I had just seen around town.

LBI would not be alive without their help; which is why we are thanking them through a (free) weekend long event. But don’t worry; we get to celebrate with them too!

LBI will be transformed into a huge reopening party in this 3 day event! Friday (June 14th) the party begins in Ship Bottom with a live concert series from 4pm-8pm. The party continues Saturday (June 15th) in Brant Beach and Harvey Cedars from 11am-8pm. There will be live music all day, a dance house, laser tag, kid’s activities, a dunk tank, food vendors, arts & crafts and retail vendors. Finally, Sunday the 16th in Beach Haven, there will be countless sidewalk sales and Fantasy Island will be open.

There will be more information as the event gets closer, so be sure to check back here and at

Town Hall on LBI with Gov Christie

Governor Christie came to LBI today for his 107th town meeting. As we walked to the St. Francis Center we saw new, larger See You This Summer yard signs. We then had to join the huge snaking line to get inside.


Once inside we took a seat near what we assumed was the entrance and exit walkway to get some good pictures. Looking back towards where we walked in, we saw two HUGE banners!

townhall2Which would act as the backdrop for all the cameras recording the town hall (or so we hope). It was a great town hall, progress is being made and will continue to do so. Check out 6abc, Fox and Channel 9 WOR (I am not sure where or who they are, maybe NYC?, but I saw the truck) for total coverage. It was a positive meeting and I think we all learned a lot of new, helpful information. And thank you to Governor Christie for coming down and taking the time to speak to us. What I can tell you, is that the bay will be cleaned up by June and dredging of the inlets will start as well. The new FEMA flood maps and elevations will be posted in 3-4 weeks. And the dunes ARE going to be replenished — end of story, according to Gov Christie.

My “end of story” spiel: Be like Christie, get your LBI is Alive Apparel. He shows LBI is Alive and you should too!

christie hoodie

The “crisis fleece” has had its time, now it’s time for the LBI is Alive hoodie to make an appearance.

For more pictures click here.

LBI Media Blitz

Memorial Day is less than a month away! Hooray for the unofficial start of summer! Hopefully Mother Nature gets the memo in time. As we know, the media has finally begun to turn in LBI’s favor. This Sunday evening (April 28th), be sure to watch “It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle” for some positive coverage of LBI. Here is the listing of channels for your areas.

Ted Greenburg, of Philadelphia News Channel 10, came down to LBI two days ago for interviews about this summer on LBI and beyond. The Verizon Fios channel (unsure where exactly this will air) also did an interview. If you have Verizon Fios, let me know where you see it or send me a link to the video or article.

On the newspaper front: keep an eye out in the Asbury Park Press, NY Times, Star Ledger and The Bergen Record. There should be LBI articles in each this coming week. Again, if you find these before me, comment below with the link so I can add them to this post.

Speaking of media, LBI is Alive has another social media account for you to follow: Instagram. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram, it is basically a site where you can look at users’ pictures and they are tagged in the same way Twitter posts are. I use the tags, #LBIisAlive, #SeeYouThisSummer, #LBI and #LongBeachIsland most often. Please follow me @LBIisAlive. If you have awesome LBI pictures tag @LBIisAlive so I can see and share them! As the weather gets warmer I will be taking more pictures so stay tuned! Click the blue rectangle on the far right social media column that says “View on Instagram” to follow from the site.

Instagram of Apparel

Instagram of Apparel

We also still have LBI is Alive T shirts, Long Sleeves and Hoodies available. The hoodies are super soft on the inside and perfect to wear on a cool summer night. The long sleeve T’s are lightweight and perfect to protect you on a day out on the water or after you got a bit too much sun the day before. And let’s be honest, you can never have too many T shirts; and if you think you do, make a T shirt quilt (I am).

Don’t forget to spread the word: LBI is Alive!

TV Commercial Airtimes

The LBI TV commercial is now airing! So far it is being shown on these networks: CNBC, Fox Business News, Fox News Channel, National Geographic, Biography, TV Land, A&E, Travel Channel, Bravo, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Hallmark Channel. You can catch it during shows like Squawk on the Street, Fox Report with Shepard Smith, The First 48, Storage Wars, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Hannity, Power Lunch, Deadliest Catch and American Restoration just to name a few. Half of the slots are in the morning or evening prime time!

These commercials will be aired in Central and North Jersey, including the Princeton, Skylands, Sussex, Middlesex, Morris, Bergen, Passaic and Union, New Jersey regions. Those with FIOS in Ocean and Monmouth will get some of these networks airing the commercial, including FIOS News Network and The Weather Channel Crawl.

So far the commercial is airing on Comcast, FIOS and CableVision systems; more systems are being added each day. So keep checking back to see if your system is airing the commercial if you live in the above mentioned regions!

Be sure to check back for more information on channels and shows or follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more updates on the commercial and information about LBI!

LBI is Alive! Spread the word!

The Tides Have Finally Turned!


LBI is getting the positive news it needs and deserves. In the wake of the new commercial promoting LBI two news stations visited LBI and gave fantastic coverage on the 5 and 6 o’clock news.

See You WEB-Vert

Action News 6 promoted LBI on the 5 o’clock news, which I unfortunately missed live since I was driving home from work. They showcased our main problem: people lumping us in with northern shore towns that were more heavily damaged. Visitors were happily surprised at how LBI looked compared to what they had heard.  Be sure to watch the newscast if you missed it like me and don’t miss minute 1:26! Article and video here.

CBS 3‘s newscast also interviewed happily surprised visitors who were spending time on the beach. They also touch on the secondary issue of slow insurance and FEMA headaches. Don’t miss minute 1:13 in the video and make sure to click the “play button” IN the video not the button in the lower left (if you click that the commercials keep playing over and over). Article and video here.

Help get the word out, reach out to news personnel you know, wear your LBI is Alive apparel and be a billboard for us (don’t have some, click here)!

LBI TV Commercial- See it before it airs

Check out this Long Beach Island TV commercial before it airs in the Philadelphia and New York markets.

Municipalities, business owners and fellow LBI lovers worked together over the past couple months to bring this commercial to fruition. The media is beginning to turn in our favor, but we still need your help to get the word out. Share this video, tell your friends “LBI is Alive” and come on down for a visit.

Summer officially begins in about 50 days and we can’t wait to see you this summer on LBI!

Spring is Here (Kind of)

Spring is supposed to officially be here, but the temperatures (AND SNOW!) seem to have a different idea.

At least it’s not THIS bad.

However, in the spirit of spring cleaning, I am cleaning out my notes of topics I needed to tell you all about. Here are some updates about all things LBI:


We still have apparel available! T shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies are all still available for donations. They are adult unisex sized items and they do not shrink nor fade when washed. Check out this page for more information. Already the proud owner of LBI is Alive apparel? Read below.

Reppin’ Some LBI is Alive Pride

Send me pictures of you, your kids/parents, friends, or whoever representing their LBI pride. You can email your pictures to me at Let me know where you are from so I can add that to the caption. Bonus points if you take a picture at a famous landmark. Here is the page so far, but I would really appreciate some more pictures to add to it!


On a more serious note: Easements. I know this is a touchy subject. I have tried to just create a page with facts and general information.  I am just compiling information into one place so it is easier to read the facts. We are all in this together, we all need to work together, we are all LBI lovers; we need to keep LBI alive as long as we can. Check out this page for information on the easements. Remember May 1st is the deadline.

200 Businesses Open

That is more than normally open for March. These businesses have been through a lot, be sure to shop/eat local when you are down here. The family owned businesses need it more this summer than ever. They have opened early to show they survived Sandy and can’t wait to see you all this summer! Check the continually updated list here. Also, if you are an open business and not on that list, email me at, I try to update all those I see open as I drive around, but I am sure I don’t have you all listed.

If you are not already, follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook, and subscribe to this website (the “follow” box at the bottom of the next column) to stay up to date on LBI for the Summer of 2013.