LBI is Alive

Everything you need to know about the rebuilding of LBI.

Pictures and Videos

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FOX 29 Comeback Down The Shore: Long Beach Island!


The Blanchard Family Video 5/30

Gov Christie on LBI 5/25

LBI on the Today Show 5/24

THE LBIisAlive Car

Verizon Fios News Channel Spot 5/2

Pictures from the AC Press of the Town Hall Meeting

Gov Christie at the LBI Town Hall 4/30

christie hoodie






LBI is Alive on the Flow Rider

American Express Radio Spot

Holgate Coming Back Like a Champ

Blvd was looking busy, so we drove down to BH to check it out 4/6


See You This Summer banner in Beach Haven

Is Jimmy still hiding up there?


Ferris Wheel!


Are all these cars for the Chegg?


Waiting line at 3pm


Visitors walking the sidewalk in Beach Haven

Photos from The LBI is Alive Facebook

LBI TV Commercial

From Judy Lombardo 3/8

judy beach

judy jetty

judy lbiisalive

One of Jimmy’s BHFH interviews 2/16

Full Length LBI is Alive Video 2/6

^^^technical difficulties^^^ click here for alternate version

Check out LBI is Alive Trailer 2/3

Coming Soon 1/27

coming soon video

Jimmy Ward’s latest movie is in the works, showcasing that LBI is indeed ALIVE!

From a Barnegat Fishing Boat

Via Mikey Villanova

A Drive Down the Island 1/6/13

This will be a fantastic whole new year for LBI

This will be a fantastic new year for LBI

Survived Irene and Sandy, now just waiting for YOU to visit.

Survived Irene & Sandy, now just waiting for YOU.

JOEY'S is just wondering...

JOEY’S is just wondering…

Thanks for all the help!

Thanks for all the help!

Stronger Than Ever!

Stronger Than Ever!


What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. LBI

Surf City Vol Fire Co Sign

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