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T-shirts, [Good] Press and some Pizza & Beer

It sure has been one whirlwind of a week. Before we even received our apparel order from Jetty, I had orders waiting. We sold out at the Beach Haven Firehouse Turkey Dinner. After we sold out, we had half of our next shipment preordered. We are so thankful for all the support! And super thankful to the Firehouse for allowing us to be there with the LBI is Alive apparel. Since the Dinner I have been organizing and finalizing orders for next weekend’s impending shipment. However, please flood my inbox with more orders; I would love nothing more than selling out this shipment by the end of the month. My two most exciting emails came from an island transplant in California and a woman planning a family reunion. The Californian may be my farthest shipment, but the family reunion was my largest: 21 T shirts! For more information on the apparel check out this page.

We sent out 100 press releases last week to let the press know that LBI IS ALIVE and they need to help get the positive word out! So far we have seen two fantastic articles come from these releases and many reporters have contacted us for stories to be published in the future. Oh and Jimmy gave about 3 interviews at the Firehouse. In the first article, Robin Rieger came down to LBI February 18th to a local real estate company and ran into a family looking for a rental while doing her article. The father said, “We really expected to come down and see nothing like this…I expected to see houses down and stuff, and it’s nowhere near what I thought. Everything is clean, wide open.” Happily surprised is just what we are looking for, these comments just further show that what we are doing is truly helping the perception. The second article written by Steven Lerner, gives a brief synopsis of our campaign and reiterates that everyone must do their part to get the word out that we are alive and well. We hope that there will be at least 5 more articles to be published after speaking with out of area reporters. We can’t wait to see the articles from Jimmy’s interviews! One reporter who interviewed him works in New York at 1010 Radio, which is precisely the target market we are trying to reach.

We are finalizing the details of a fundraiser to be held at Nardi’s on Friday March 8th from 6-9pm.We will have more apparel available for donations, a 50/50 raffle AND a raffle for an oceanfront Islamorada Vacation in November. There will be a $20 cover charge and then all you can eat pizza and beer. How can you go wrong? We are still working out the details for the under  21-ers. More details will be coming later this week. Stay Tuned!


  Steven Fulda wrote @

Thanks for your wonderful work!! But are we “preaching to the choir”? => My beautiful Harvey Cedars cottage had rented out fully every single year since 1990. But so far, this year, I have only 2 weeks rented. New renters and my several former renters have all gone elsewhere; they’re from NY and PA and are convinced that LBI is in bad shape. That far away from LBI, most former vacationers don’t know about our recovery!
How do we market ourselves ‘off-island’ instead of “to ourselves”?

  sls5517 wrote @

I understand completely! We want to get to the “off island” people to know we are alive and well too! That’s why through the apparel sales and this upcoming fundraiser, the money raised is going towards advertising in north jeresy/ny/ Philly outlets. We are working with out of area media outlets to see where we can get the most bang for our bucks. We are trying to get LBI-ers (and LBI lovers) to support the efforts to get the word out bc we are all in this together and need to help one another. Thank you for your support!

  Anonymous wrote @

We visited LBI in mid January to check the area near a home that we have rented for a number of years (in Peahala Park); there was little beach compared to past years and the dune is in bad shape; we are reluctant to commit to a rental given uncertainty about actual beach restoration plans; any info on that?

  Anonymous wrote @

I went down a few ago and was amazed at how good our beach looked in brant beach. They have done a lot of work The beach looked beautiful, as always

  sls5517 wrote @

That’s great to hear, the heavy machinery have been working for months beautifying our beaches for the summer!

  sls5517 wrote @

I live just south of where you rent on 111th street. The beaches don’t look like they did last summer, but they are still there and “beach-able”. During the winter, our beaches are always a little beat, this year no doubt a bit more. As our winds switch southerly as summer approaches, more sand is brought to the beach. There have been a lot of comments that there are many sandbars off the beach, which is a good sign they will work their way on to the beach here for the summer. I personally would not give up a summer here on LBI for a slightly smaller beach. We still have a beach to lie on, we still have businesses that are open and you still have a house to vacation in. For all we know it may be back to “summer of 2012” standards, but either way, you can still make LBI memories this summer.

  jessew wrote @

As a lifetime visitor to Beach Haven & Holgate, I feared the worst & stayed away until this week. While the damage is devistating, I am amazed by the progress that has been made and especially the spirit of those on the island. This is a very special place-if it wasn’t I don’t think I’d feel the need to see for myself. The force that draws me to the island is still strong and I truly believe that the island will be ready, if somewhat changed in time for the summer. I just finished sending pictures to family & friends of “their” rentals to reassure them. Keep up the good work & we’ll see you again soon!

  sls5517 wrote @

Thank you Jesse! That is what we need people to do: come down and see for yourself, “be pleasantly surprised”. LBI is a very special place <3. Can't wait to see you this summer!

  Parti with Nardi’s…and LBI is Alive! | LBI is Alive wrote @

[…] Vacation for November 2nd-9th 2013. We will be re-stocked with apparel for this event after our stock out at the BHFH on the 16th.  The raffle for an Islamorada Getaway is our newest addition to the LBI […]

  Ray wrote @

How did Hudson house do in the storm?

  sls5517 wrote @

Ray, they took on some damage, but they are rebuilding and plan to be open for the summer.

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