LBI is Alive

Everything you need to know about the rebuilding of LBI.

One Year Later

This day last year was a test, not only of the strength of LBI, but the whole Jersey Shore and our northern neighbors. We passed the test. We are nothing, if not resilient as a community. Organizations were formed (LBIisAlive and many others!) to help each other out. We did not wait for outside help; we got down and did what needed to be done. We helped those we could, sometimes even before ourselves. If some organizations were slow to respond or adjust, we didn’t wait.

People say a lot of things about New Jersey, not always the nicest, but one thing most people did say, and will continue to say: we are tough, strong and we get done what has to be done.

judy lbiisalive cropped

We were, are, and always will be, Islanders. We will help each other when it is needed no matter what or where. Long Beach Island has come so far in this one year, imagine how far we can grow come next year. I love this island, and I know you do too since you are a fan of LBIisAlive. So let’s help it continue to move forward.

I could not imagine living anywhere else and I will not let a storm scare me from my home. Will you? Share this if you have, and always will be an LBIslander.


Also, now that it is colder out, think about picking up your LBIisAlive hoodies. We only have about 20 left! They are on sale for $25, that is below cost! Email me at for available sizes. This money will be donated as a secondary donation on top of our first.

Be sure to check out my newest venture Seahorse Social Media.

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