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Memorial Day Weekend 2013

As you can see, the Memorial Day countdown is gone. It is now officially, the unofficial start of summer! We survived another off-season, like we always do, and now we are ready for you to come and make memories on LBI and reminisce on old ones. This may be a slightly different Memorial Day weekend, but not as different as you might have expected. I think it will be better. The camaraderie  built this winter will only get stronger as houses fill up and neighbors catch up. As Christie says, “We are stronger than the storm.” Not my favorite slogan, but maybe I am partial.

There are so many businesses open this weekend and it is fantastic to see LBI alive with visitors. If you are down here and see businesses open that I do not have listed, please email me at I try to add as many as I can, but I am sure I miss some.

I was unable to watch the Today Show on Friday, but I have the video clip of the tour of LBI from Jack Antonoff, band member of

The guy in the background is my fave part of the picture.

FUN., who has vacationed on LBI for two decades. For those of you who didn’t hear the rumors about Gov Christie coming to LBI on Saturday, he did indeed come by and chat with us locals. I even was able to finally get a picture with him, since at the town hall I just got a picture of him with the “LBI IS ALIVE” hoodie (which he promised to wear in the near future) and shook his hand. No real ‘news’ from him, I think he just wanted to stop by and show he has not forgotten about our boardwalk-less island. It was a great way to kick off the weekend. If you want to see more pictures or other videos check out this page.

I also do not want to skip over the actual meaning of Memorial Day. Thank you to those who have fought overseas and personally to those who have been on duty here. Without them, the rebuilding would have been much more difficult here on the Jersey Shore; and let’s not forget the Boston Marathon Bombings. Take a moment and observe Memorial Day for its real meaning; pick up some American flags or pin wheels and place them outside, dress in red, white and blue, thank a veteran when you see one. Anything to show them we are thankful and have not forgotten them on this weekend of summer celebrations and store sales. Don’t forget, we will also be thanking these local heroes at LBI Thank You Fest next month — hope to see you there!

The visitors may be our life blood down here on LBI, but without these servicemen and servicewomen, we would not have been able to do what we do this summer.

Thank you and Happy Memorial day,

~LBI is Alive

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