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We Are So Bummed

Hey, we are bummed! So looking forward to the Fundraiser at Nardi’s this Friday Night. But, someone filed a complaint with the ABC Board and after their visit to LBI it was decided it is in the best interest for all to cancel this event.

However, why waste a perfectly good Friday Happy Hour? We ask you to still join us at Nardi’s this Friday. We have all worked hard these past few months and deserve an evening of fun and friendship. Nardi’s will have Happy Hour from 6pm to 9pm and you will still get to hang out with LBI is Alive, video mogul – Jimmy Ward and the many other community members who have helped LBI get back on its feet.

So share a good time, bring everyone you can and let’s Parti at Nardi’s.

See you Friday.

~LBI is Alive


  Anonymous wrote @

Read about Nardi’s silly question Who is the ABC?

  sls5517 wrote @

Alcoholic Beverage Control, not a silly question, I asked the same thing when I was first told.

  Kathy wrote @

someone filed a complaint about a fundraiser? Wow!

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