LBI is Alive

Everything you need to know about the rebuilding of LBI.

Let’s Make Sure the World Knows

LBI is Alive & Ready for Summer ’13

We need to get the word out that Long Beach Island was not devastated by Mega Storm Sandy. Our Island has unfortunately been lumped in with the areas North of us that received a lot more damage. See just two recent articles from the Atlantic City Press:

December 23, 2012 – Article Title: South Jersey tourism officials fending off competition for summer vacationers. “Ocean County and Monmouth County are not ready, and they’re a big concern.” (After receiving numerous complaints this article was changed  to eliminate the negative reference to LBI, see comments.)

January 1, 2013 – “Perhaps some of the biggest triumphs – or obstacles – of 2013 may be seen along the South Jersey shore as people and businesses work to return to normalcy. That’s a note worthy challenge, particularly for the region’s hardest hit shore towns on Long Beach Island, which hope to be ready for summer.” 

See You WEB-Vert

We need to clear up this misperception and let people know we will be ready for the Summer of 2013.

So, let’s put out a ‘Sea of Signs’ all up and down LBI to show we are open for business and looking forward to seeing our summer guests. Above is a picture of the sign which is 18” x 24” and on stakes. THEY ARE FREE TO LBI BUSINESSES. We also have banners available for a nominal cost, if interested contact us for sizes and price (located at the bottom of page).

Free Delivery! We can do that as well. If you are not in the area, we will put a sign up for you.

The next step is creating a video of LBI that shows we will be more than ready for our summer guests by Memorial Day. This video is being produced by Jimmy Ward of Southern Regional High School. Jimmy produced a video right after Sandy came ashore that was called, ‘Hope on LBI’. It was widely seen on YouTube and received wide exposure via other internet media. This will be the second video that will show hope, community unity and hard work has paid off. We will visit those places that the media showed chest high in water and show how they look now. This video will be sent up to various internet media and we will be asking businesses to post it on their web sites, Facebook, etc.

We need to gain as much exposure as possible showing we are open for business. We also want to counter all those pictures that remain in the public’s mind that were published in the days just after Sandy left our shores. So much has been accomplished on LBI since then and we need to let everyone know that.

Email, call, or stop in. Let me know your company’s name, contact name and phone number (cell preferred if business is closed) choice of sign or banner and arrangements will be made to get it to you.

A big thank you goes to Rick McDonough, the owner of Typestries, and the group from Jetty+W4W. Rick for the design and printing of the signs at his cost. Rick is part of the Jetty+W4W group who have done so much in helping others get their lives back together since Sandy hit our shores. Thanks to the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce for financially supporting the initial printing of our signs. To Long Beach Township for their donation and support so we could continue to offer these signs free to all businesses on LBI. These combined efforts truly show that LBI is a close knit and united community which makes our Island that very special place we call home, even if only for a week.

Any questions, feel free to contact me:

Pat Sepanak,                                                      Broker/Owner Sand Dollar Real Estate                    N 3rd and LBB, Surf City         or my cell 609-290-5360


  Josh wrote @

Coming from Florida, we have rented an oceanfront beach house every year. This year we are supposed to be renting in Holgate in June. How will the beaches be? We plan to be on the beach the whole week. Would it be better to look more north on the island?

  sls5517 wrote @

Josh, if you are renting through a real estate company, I suggest that you discuss your questions with your realtor, since they know the area the house is located in. Ask them to take some pictures of the house, street and beach so you can get a better idea of what your vacation spot will look like. Some houses were unscathed, others took some damage, so I would ask whomever you are renting through to let you know how your rental house did.

See you this summer!

  Debbie wrote @

Is it possible to purchase the LBI is Alive t-shirts anywhere?

  sls5517 wrote @

Debbie please check out the “Be like Jimmy” post for information on t shirts

  sls5517 wrote @

Debbie, we just placed an order for t shirts, long sleeve and hoodies. We will be distributing them at the BH firehouse turkey dinner for donations. We also plan on having a fundraiser in March where we will have them for donations as well. I will have a post in the next few days with more information so make sure you are subscribed to the site. Thank you for your interest! Also, if you look at the most recent post you can see what the design is.

  Louise wrote @

Hi is there a way to order these t-shirts on the internet? I live in NY and we LOVE LBI and are already booked to in Surf City this summer.

  sls5517 wrote @

Check out the “Be like Jimmy” post for more information on the shirts

  sls5517 wrote @

Hello Louise, Good to hear from a fellow LBI-lover. I will be posting tonight or tomorrow about the shirts (what they look like, donations amounts for each and where to pick up). We will not be shipping them, however, when you come down to surf city this summer, you can pick them up and pay. Be sure to subscribe to the website so you will be emailed when there is a new post. You can also, email me directly at if you have any other questions. Can’t wait to see you this summer!

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