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Everything you need to know about the rebuilding of LBI.

See You This Summer

We need to get the word out that Long Beach Island was not devastated by Mega Storm Sandy. We have unfortunately been lumped in with the areas North of us that received a lot more damage. See these two recent articles from the Atlantic City Press:

Dec.23, 2012 – Article Title: South Jersey tourism officials fending off competition for summer vacationers. “Ocean County and Monmouth County are not ready, and they’re a big concern.”

January 1, 2013 – “Perhaps some of the biggest triumphs – or obstacles – of 2013 may be seen along the South Jersey shore as people and businesses work to return to normalcy. That’s a note worthy challenge, particularly for the region’s hardest hit shore towns on Long Beach Island, which hope to be ready for summer.” 

To clear up this misconception we are creating a “Sea of Signs” up and down LBI.

See You WEB-Vert

In the first 24 hours, over 100 signs were distributed, if you have not gotten yours yet, don’t delay! THEY ARE FREE TO LBI BUSINESSES. There are also banners available for a nominal cost, if interested contact for sizes, prices and pick up. We can do FREE DELIVERY as well.

We need to gain as much exposure as possible showing we are open for business; we want to counter all those pictures that were published in the days just after Sandy left our shores. So much has been accomplished on LBI since then and we need to let everyone know that.

Any other questions feel free to email or call  609-290-5360.


  Anonymous wrote @

I am a homeowner in Beach Haven who also owns 4 rentals properties. I have had numerous cancellations for this summer. Most of my tenants are questioning the condition of the beach as well as the retail and restaurants that will be open. It is a trickle down effect, if I don’t have tenants then the beach badges won’t be sold, restaurants won’t be filled, stores won’t be shopped in… We need to get the word out NOW that LBI will be open and functioning by Mememorial Day!!!

  sls5517 wrote @

I agree 100%, be sure to share this site with your potential renters as well as anyone you know that loves LBI. We DO need to get the word out that we WILL be ready for the summer.

  Tom wrote @

I have been coming to lbi for 30 years from my home in N.Y. There are lots of lbi stickers on cars here if there is a way to get a sticker of the see you this summer sign I would put it on my car up here and get the word out.

  sls5517 wrote @

Tom, that is a fantastic idea, we have been playing around with that idea as well. However, money has been an issue, the sign campaign (See You This Summer) itself is done through a donation; so we have been looking at other avenues of fundraising to get more promotional items out; such as stickers and t shirts. If we do create stickers, I will be sure to send you the first one. Thanks.

  Sally G wrote @

Not sure how CaféPress works, they sell custom designs on line, not sure what the upfront costs would be, but fulfullment would be easy. . . .

  sls5517 wrote @

Sally, we have been looking at a couple sites, including CafePress. However, funding is still our first order of business we are dealing with, so we need to work on that aspect for now. Thanks for the suggestion though, and I will be sure to let you all know when we have more promotional items available. Thanks for your support!

  weegipup wrote @

You are to be commended for all your efforts on behalf of LBI — awesome.

  sls5517 wrote @

Thank you so much and thank you for your support of LBI!

  Anonymous wrote @

I’d also love a car sticker. Can a PayPal account be opened for people to donate the needed funds to make and administer them?

  johnathen ogden wrote @

Thats great but, the island is not all right. 40% of the businesses will not be ready this Summer 25% of all rental houses still need to be gutted. The beaches are still there but the ganmes and icecream are not );

  mark soper wrote @

Hey we are working hard down here clearing debris gutting and demo houses. So maybe some homes and businesses won’t be opened. Many will though I promise.

  sls5517 wrote @

We have gotten other requests for other items and paypal accounts, but we do not have the time, nor ability to become a mail order business. We are now making apparel for 15 (t shirt), 20 (long sleeve) and 35 (hoodie) dollar donations, but we are doing it as a face to face exchange, not shipping and paypal accounts. It is not practical for us right now, however, when the time comes and we can create other items I will be sure to let you know in a post, be sure to subscribe to the site you get an email when there are new posts.

  Sally G wrote @

If there are a lot of requests coming in for items by mail order, it might make sense to find an off-island ally that could make this happen—understand that those of you on the island are working hard, but your answer struck me—probably wrongly—of an exclusionary attitude. Those on the island, who can buy your merchandise face-to-face, do not need the reminder—the rest of the seasonal community, who sees only mainstream media, does.

  sls5517 wrote @

Sally, We finally figured it out! 🙂 check out the updated “Be like JImmy” post on how to order apparel and have it shipped to you. It took some finagling, but we have it now.

  Sally G wrote @

Awesome; thanks! Will be ordering today!

  sls5517 wrote @

Johnathen, not sure where you are getting your information. This is a great example of why we have this website, because there is a lot of misinformation around. I am in contact with the real estate community, the business community, the townships and the long term planning committee of LBI. These are the official numbers: Over 90% of rental homes will be ready for the summer season. I have spoken to over 200 business owners who have told me they are open or have given me opening dates in the next 4 months. Check out for a list of open businesses, updated each day. I hope to see you this summer on LBI!

  Sally G wrote @

I was on the island a few weeks ago; as you indicate, most of the island looks just fine. However, go to Holgate and you see something very different: there are still many devastated properties, sand blown against buildings and across the road, etc. Dumped sand at the end of the island is mounded up—this is, I suspect, part of the reason that the more-populated areas look so good, and is a perfectly sensible way to make the recovery happen—which it is, by leaps and bounds!
If you look closely INSIDE the buildings along the boulevard throughout the island, you see that quite a few are gutted, but interiors are not always replaced.
However, it is still February—there are more than 3 months to go before Memorial Day, and a lot is happening each and every day. I think we best serve potential tourists by being honest—LBI IS Alive; it was largely spared, but it was not untouched.
Scores of AmeriCorps volunteers have been on the island, owners and residents have worked hard, and all us tourists are looking forward to another vacation on L.B.I. this summer—once again, we will surely savor our summer spot.

  sls5517 wrote @

Mark, Thank you so much for your work/help. We need to show that we are making great progress here on LBI!

  sls5517 wrote @

Sally, not at all, this is a grassroots pair of people doing the site, signs, video and promotions with very little funding. We would love to sell these all over, but currently do not have the resources. We are stretched. Thank you for your other post. Even from your visit a couple weeks ago, we look very different. Holgate is continually improving day by day.

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