LBI is Alive

Everything you need to know about the rebuilding of LBI.

Hello Islanders

Who is an Islander? You are! All you need is a connection and a love for LBI and we want to hear from you. If you own a business, we want to know if  you are open now or when you will be, if you have any specials, or just want to tell us about your place. Homeowners, let us know how the clean up went at your property. Vacationers, tell us about your favorite activities on the island and what you can’t wait to do again this summer. Whether you own, rent, have a business or just have a love of LBI, we want to hear from you.

We are all in this together. We are all Islanders.

Who is LBI is Alive?


  peggy sopranzi wrote @

I do not have a business o. L.b.I. I am a lover of the island and hope that all is up and running. I would be so upset if I couldn’t enjoy my beloved island!

  Donna Scalzo wrote @

We are homeowners who enjoy getting away every other weekend before we turn our place over to renters in the summer
Each time we go down the shore the island
Looks better, it’s exciting to see the rebuilding and visiting the businesses as they hang their open signs on their front doors! Looking towards a great summer
( we already have 3 weeks rented)

  Anonymous wrote @

This is such great news!! Getting really excited to get back to the island. Great to know a lot of places are open. Does anyone know if Hudson’s will be opening again??

  sls5517 wrote @

Hudson House will open for the summer. Check out the “Open Businesses” link above for a list of all the businesses open now and during the summer.

  Mary Ellen Purkis wrote @

Do you know anything about the Wicker store in Ship Bottom

  sls5517 wrote @

There has not been any activity as far as I have seen (not to say they will not open in the summer). You can check out the open businesses page at for open business listings, it is updated daily.

  Amy Shucker wrote @

I have been vacationing to LBI since I was a baby. LBI offered my very first glimpse of the great blue Atlantic and I have been hooked on LBI ever since. This is, by far, my favorite place to vacation in the WORLD. I feel at home on LBI and look forward to visiting again soon! Thank you to all those who tirelessly worked to keep LBI ALIVE! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and very many people are grateful to you for preserving our beloved island.

  Anonymous wrote @

I can’t thank you enough for this site. We only discovered LBI in 2010, but it has become our only vacation place, and were terrified at the thought of not being able to come down. I harassed poor Rick at Ganderon until one of the rentals I was interested in was “okay” to rent, and sent a deposit back in January. It was like panic set in at the thought of not being able to go. I check this site so much, just to make sure all of our favorite places have opened, and as luck would have it, they have! I love hearing about places I have not discovered as well. Again, just thank you. This site is amazing.

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